Saturday, March 29, 2014

Retail therapy

I typically buy most of my yarn at two festivals in consecutive months, which makes for a lovely basket of yarn to knit from. Unfortunately this means I don't aways have that new yarn smell circulating in my house. Sometimes you just need new yarn. But don't ask me how many unknit pairs of socks are in my stash right now. I would have to look shamefully away from you. We're not talking about stash, we're talking about springtime renewal.

You see my LYS (Local Yarn Shop) sent out an email about how we're all longing for spring and technically vernal equinox occurred so it is spring. In celebration of spring they had a discount. Now I tell you I resisted the siren call of Zauberball restocking a month ago. This time? I packed myself into the car and crossed my fingers that a few Zauberballs remained.

They had two colors remaining, so I picked up the blue one. I am trying to resist casting it on, considering still have that sweater on the needles and plenty of socks going too. Additionally I like saving Zauberballs for vacation take along yarn, back up yarn if you will. It is already wound, all I do is make sure I have an extra needle set and I have an emergency sock kit, just add knitter. Hey I even bought a new set of needles too. It is like I planned it.

The other skein is new to me, but I could not resist the color. Totally out of character for me but lovely. It used to be out of character from me, but I've noticed that knitting has changed the way I feel about color. I never would have been caught buying something orange or yellow, but now burnt orange calls to me. No really it almost jumps into my hands these days. Sorry honey I had to buy the yarn it attacked me. It just wrestled the credit card off of me and ran to the counter then the car.Yeah sure, D will totally buy that story.

See I feel better already, I think I'll go measure a sweater to see if I can finish it this weekend.


  1. I really must get around to buying myself a Zauberball. I keep meaning to, but the choices are dizzying... I can never decide which one I want!

    1. Who says you have to buy only one? I really love the color changes. I'm sure you'll love whatever you decide.