Sunday, March 30, 2014

Best seat in the house

This is what happens to your knitting when you leave it sitting on the couch.

I decided this weekend that I really need to finish up a sweater, or at least work at finally finishing a sweater. So I brought out my original Rhinebeck sweater so I could do some comparison measurements. That would be the purple blob behind and under Jack's shoulders.

I knit a couple of arm cuffs but did not bind off since I really like to try on my sweaters just before they're finished. I started in on the bottom ribbing when I had to get up, only to return to this cuddly view. As you know the cats rule in my house so I figured since I could not beat him, I joined him in a nice nap.

There was also a sock repair session, but that is a story for another day as I still have sleep in my eyes and an elliptical machine calling my name.


  1. Rascal is constantly doing the naptime test on my knits. I figure joining it is the only way to deal with it.

    1. Yes, joining is the only way, or else you get the look. You know "why would you take that nice warm comfy place from me?"