Thursday, March 6, 2014

On Knitting

There is a commonly held belief that knitters can knit feelings and thoughts into the items they're making. One of the best know examples of this belief is the prayer shawl ministry. You knit healing thoughts, prayers for recovery and good wishes for the recipient. 

While I think it is a valid ministry and I get the beautiful sentiment of it, I don't hold it true for my knitting. Conversely it means that I would knit all my frustrations and not-feeling-it-ness into my knitting because I knit all the time, everywhere. 

But sometimes I do worry that worries and sadness can be "knit in." I thought of that when I was sitting in the Vet ER this weekend. Gus was getting some preliminary blood work done so I could make the decision to admit him or not. 

I pulled out the socks I've been working on for Mom, and I almost put them back. Did I really want to knit worry, fear, and sadness into Mom's socks? 

Then I took out her sock and finished knitting a toe. Who better to help me thorough this difficult time than the person who taught me to be a crazy cat mom?

Sometimes it is best to share emotions to help us. Mom taught me to be strong and she loaned me her strength without even being there.

Thanks Mom! Your socks should be in the mail soon. I love you!

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