Monday, February 24, 2014

Reading sickness?

My reading is off kilter. I can not seem to enjoy and really get into a book right now. I'm still reading them but it is feeling like a slog fest. You know when you're sick and nothing tastes right or even good? I think I may have reading sickness.

It may be due to saturation. I found a couple of series that I jumped into, the problem is they are all similar; strong female character, solving a problem, usually set after one of the World Wars. They're good books don't get me wrong but I think I should take a genre break. 

Then I moved on to a different kind of story, Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline. I enjoyed it for a bit then I made the mistake of reading a few reviews. I should never ever read reviews while I am reading the book. People are pointing out, the overabundance of bad foster moms in this story. Other than the two main characters all the women I've met are really pathetic people. I am hoping I can power through this element but whew, I am finding it hard to continue. 

I'm starting a new book on my Kindle too so maybe that will help my reading sickness. A little fresh food for thought. 

I did happen to come across a discussion online about audiobooks being considered reading or not. I guess you could argue that it is not technically reading since you're not converting words on a page into thoughts and understanding. But I can tell you I'm counting my audiobooks as books read during my 2014 reading challenge on Goodreads. Especially since six of the eight have been audio. I'd be in a bit of a conundrum if I threw out all the audiobooks. I was surprised to find I read 34 books last year. I am having fun tracking my book consumption. What can I say I've always been a book consumer. Now I just have so many more ways of taking them in. 

Books are good even when you're not "in love" with them.

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