Thursday, February 13, 2014

But I just want a sweater

I have another knitting confession to make. I suffer from second sleeve syndrome. I love making and wearing sweaters but I hate knitting sleeves. Most especially I hate knitting the second sleeve.

I am working on my condition but alas my new sweater is still semi-sleeveless. Maybe I should just make vests instead. After letting a my first set in sleeve scare me into not knitting on the sweater. I finally tackled it and made a pretty impressive sleeve, with nary an issue. As I got closer and closer to the cuff I stalled out again.

I told myself to go and tackle the second sleeve. I picked up the stitches and knit a round then the sweater got dropped for three or four sock projects. Even I don't know how many I have on the needles right now. Second sock syndrome? Not me. Finish a sleeve? Apparently not me either.

I just need to sit down and knit through the tough stuff that will most likely not be that tough once I get going on it. You know Hubby bought me some Reese's peanut butter cups...reward system anyone?

I do believe I am off to bite a bullet. But wait my bread should be done soon. First I bite bread and butter then a bullet?


  1. We should tag team. I LOVE to knit sleeves! :-D

    1. Ahh so that is where the crazy part of your name comes from. You sleeve knitter you!