Friday, August 9, 2013

Random thoughts

I drove by a K-9 police cruiser the other day. It had decals of two dogs on it. Their names were etched into the decals as Badge and Kilo. Someone sure had a good time naming those dogs.

My husband got brownie points at my salon the other day. I bragged up how he found our B&B for our May trip, and part of the selection criteria was that the owner was a knitter. Additionally, I managed to mesmerize a young teen girl with my knitting there too. My fingers were firing on all cylinders that day.

I am just a bit freaked out by the thought that both sets of socks on the needles are for D. I am not actively working on anything for myself. Will this ruin my selfish knitter cred?

My Color Affection shawl is still refusing to be photographed. I am starting to think it is a diva thing since it has not yet been properly blocked. Since I am planning to use it on our upcoming trip, I also theoretically figured out a way to keep it from snagging while packed in my carryon. I bought a Pretty Cheep bag at WEBS that should serve as a shawl stuff sack.

How does one work a yarn store excursion into picking up a rental car at the airport? Do I just look for a yarn store with a brew pub next to it and take a really long trip to the restroom after claiming that we should start our road trip with lunch? You know because I don't eat while flying. I am pretty sure D will not fall for that.

Can I now start to refer to our trip as Planes, Trains and Automobiles, since we will be using each of those for a leg of the trip? If I do, which one of us is John Candy and which is Steve Martin?

I need to google how to eat a lobster again since we're going to a lobster boil tomorrow. D does not do seafood so he already knows how to eat his chicken. This will be only my second time eating a whole lobster so a refresher class is in order.

How was that for random?

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