Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Letting Go

Life gets busy. My work has been chaos. We were remodeling and moving dang near everything, at least twice. I was planning and packing for a longish trip back to see the families in SD. D and I created our own version of Planes, Trains and Automobiles, packing more miles under our belts. We caught up with family, babysat nephews and ate a few meals. Yes life gets busy.

Some where in all the activity I let go of the idea of my blog goal of ten posts this month. Part of my mind was constantly trying to figure out a way to get a post in, and another part was telling me it was just too much this month. I am glad I listened to the second voice, I really had nothing to say, or at least I did not feel much like talking.

I came to the conclusion long ago that perfection is over rated in our society, as is busyness. I hear people bragging about how little sleep they get and how on the go they are. All I can think is how much better they would function if they gave themselves some time off. Rest is not a four letter word... well actually it is but you know what I mean

The thought Let It Go kept pricking at my mind as I talked to my Mom about a quilt top she had sewn. It is a lovely Christmas themed top, but my Mom is having a hard time enjoying it. You see one of the blocks has a triangle of fabric with the wrong side showing. Just fix it right? My Mom is an experienced seamstress, she knows how to fix sewing problems. She is not afraid to rip something out.

The problem is that the "wrong side" fabric is indistinguishable from all of the other right sides in the quilt. It is an ivory color with small whitish vines on it. Seriously I crawled up and down the quilt looking at each triangle of ivory fabric with white vines on it. Every single one of them! Because I wanted to make my Mom feel better, I wanted to help her fix it.

Turns out it does not need fixing. If we could not find it when looking specifically for it, I doubt someone will be able to see it once it is quilted laying on my bed a bed. And if they do I hope they will be polite enough to see it for its beauty not its mistakes. You know how a mother sees her children most of the time.

So today give yourself permission to let go of something that is bugging you. Something that is holding you back. Tell yourself it is good enough for today and go pet your cat. (Gus' suggestion)

Just be happy, if only for a moment.

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