Sunday, August 11, 2013

Like a Deer in Headlights

This post is about church and religion as experienced by me today. I know this is not a typical topic for me. Please feel free to skip this one if you're uncomfortable or argumentative about these topics. This is just me talking, I am not here to convert or belittle anyone's beliefs. I would appreciate the same treatment from anyone reading this too.

Yes, today at church I totally looked like a deer in headlights. You know that shocked how do I get out of this? Where do I run? look.

Let me explain. I now identify myself as an introvert. I used to think of myself as asocial, but I don't think I was hostile. I don't love social interaction but I'm not hostile about socializing. Just don't touch my yarn till I have offered it to you. Society has rules and so do I.

Anyways for some reason church interaction has always been difficult for me. I truly hate the portion of the program when you greet or pass the peace with all your neighbors. It makes me uncomfortable, but I grin and bear it.

Today at church I was asked to help with communion during the hand shake portion. Little old me standing in front of the congregation holding the wine and juice glasses? Plus I even get to tell everyone what the liquid symbolizes for each one of them. Oh it was so far out of my comfort zone that I just wished I could see the fence that surrounds my zone. But alas I was far, far from even my protective fence.

I was worried I would drop the glasses, that I would sneeze into them, my nose would itch, any number of embarrassing scenarios. I did clink the glasses together a few times.

But I will tell you as I said the words "The Blood of Christ shed for you" to each person, it really hit home with me. We all gather to remember what Christ has done for us. How humbling, to be the one telling each person their debt is already paid.

It was a blessing to see the other side of the stage for a moment. Not one I wish to see again very soon, but a blessing nonetheless.

D said I gave him my Yikes look when I returned to my seat. Yikes indeed for this little introvert.

Will you all excuse me while I crawl back into my shell?


  1. What an interesting post... and well done to you! It's interesting how perspectives change when you are able to look beyond what is happening in your own brain. I should try it more often myself!