Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm so cute

I'm burning up the yardage on D's sweater. At this rate I will be done with it before Christmas! Which is funny because I've thought that all along. I finally placed his Christmas present order today. For me, I'm totally behind on my Christmas shopping. I have to send gifts back to South Dakota since both sides of the family live there. So I tend to get my out of state shopping done early, then I have a mad rush for the local shopping a couple of days before.

Oh back to the sweater, I'm almost done with the body then I go back and knit each sleeve and the collar. I figure a week per sleeve and a day or so for the collar. I took the sweater for a little outing today. It came to the dentist with me, so I could knit while I wait, for you all know I'm a bad waiter. So I'm knitting along and they come into the room and ask 'Are you knitting? That's so cute.' Yep I got called cute by a guy I'm pretty sure is younger than me. Note to self don't argue with the guy that has access to power tools and your teeth at the same time.

I am sad to report that I frogged my sock that I was half-heartedly working on. But really it was not a sock yet in my mind. I was really doing a sock shaped swatch to see how the yarn colors melded with the cable pattern I want to do. I tried a couple of things with the cable section that I would not have been able to reproduce on the second sock, so she is back in the planning process. Ultimately she will be better, faster and stronger, or just more pretty.

The Christmas lights are going up in my neighborhood, how about yours? I have a confession I don't get the people that put up lights and a spotlight. Don't they just negate one another?

Well my brain is fried so I think I will listen to Gus and "COME TO BED NOW". Cats what are you going to do?

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