Monday, November 9, 2009

My favorite color

So when people ask me I say my favorite color is green. What don't random people come up to you on the street and ask what your favorite color is? What I really mean is a shade of green, dark deep forrest/pine green. Makes my heart happy even thinking about it just now. The funny thing is I don't care that much for other shades of green. Many are to yellowish for my taste.

But if you look at the yarns I pick out many people would assume that I love red. Or maybe as a second guess blue. I don't tend to pick out all that much green. Now in my defense my first sweater is green, pine green. The majority of my socks are red or have red in them. Do you think it is because red is considered a warm color and subconsciously I want my little ice blocks to be warmer?

My fall back color tends to be grey. If I can not decide on color I usually end up getting charcoal grey. Makes for some dreary knitting in the winter. Cold and grey outside and warm and grey inside.

You know the end of the movie "The Holy Grail" when they ask the three questions that you must answer correctly in order to cross the bridge? I always laugh so hard when the guy gets tossed for guessing his wrong favorite color. Red no BLUE. How do you not know your own favorite color, and how did they know that was not his favorite?

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