Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good or Bad too early to tell

I keep a knitting journal. Have since almost the start of my knitting. It is a must have when you're knitting socks, and want to make the second one in a similar way to the first one. I try to write the significant things in there.
  1. Starting date/Ending date
  2. How much yarn I used
  3. Changes to the pattern I made
  4. Which size of something I made (sadly this has not made it in for most of my sweaters)
  5. Lessons I've learned while knitting something (See #4 - document projects better)
  6. Silly stuff like what was going on in my life at the time (burned my fingers on the lawnmower but still able to knit)
  7. When our knitting group meets and where
  8. New techniques I want to learn (I'm working on color work now)
  9. Purchases (when, where and how much)
My confession for the day. I have not wrote in my journal since 10/28/09. Gasp, and the world is still spinning? I know it is not a big deal but the longer I go the less I remember. Which is why I don't know what size some of my sweaters are.

The good and bad is that I have substituted writing on the blog for writing in the journal. So tonight I went back through old posts and filled in the details for my journal. I want to catch it up before the end of the month. Plus my knitting journal does not contain any photos of projects. So the blog wins the photo fight.

The funny thing is that I belong to this online knitting community where I can post all the details of my projects that my heart desires. Bonus other people can admire them there. So no wonder that the journal got left out. I'm keeping track of the data in three places. Yeah right I'm lucky if I can get data in one of the three. Between the three I may be able to document the whole story, if I try real hard.

Moral question of the day - Is it wrong for me to be checking out everybody's purse? I find myself purse watching, TV, at work, in church, shopping.... Is it wrong to be weighing the pros and cons of other people's hand bags?

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