Sunday, January 22, 2017

Moving forward

Well we've had an interesting end of one year and start of another. I thought we had made enough life changes for one year. I was foolish to think the changes were over.

A few days after Christmas Hubby went for his first bike ride into Portland. It did not end the way we would have liked. Streetcar tracks and bike tires do not get along very well. He was thrown from his bike and broke his pelvis. Even seeing him in pain in the ER we had no clue how our lives would change.

I can tell you that we have managed to keep our sense of humor and good will through the process. We are stronger and weaker than we've ever been. That whole sickness and health thing really does mean a lot to us.

I'm negotiating to get an hour of massage for each week of care. I may even have earned a few skeins of yarn in the process. While I have knit in all kinds of rooms sitting next to Hubby, I've not finished anything. I'm a bit of a worrier and fretter so I was mostly doing that.

Hubby proudly pointed out my handknit socks to anyone he could during the whole process. We even had a nurse that proudly showed off her socks knit by a German great aunt. I got to see two pairs of her socks. She was definitely sock worthy.

I'm trying to match or contrast a yarn to finish hubby's Indispensable Ensign socks. Looks like one toe will be different from the other. The question now is how different should it be? I'm leaning towards a nice dark grey.

So we're moving forward one slow hopping step at a time.

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