Monday, September 26, 2016

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

Or you could call it OFFF as I have been doing leading up to last weekend. I guess I kinda knew what season we were headed into but the leaves took off this weekend. I blinked last week and they turned, I blinked again and they fell off.

Anyways back to the yarny goodness, I attended my first OFFF. I'll just get this out of the way right now, it is not Rhinebeck. I never expected it to be so we're all good. It is smaller than Rhinebeck and I can honestly say I loved the less competitive feeling. I didn't once feel the urge to rip a skein of yarn from some strangers hands. (I'd still jump at the chance to go to Rhinebeck again, but I could breathe here.) OFFF has no entrance fee either, looks like I can add that money back into the yarn budget.

You know what else OFFF has in its favor? No Sales Tax! So much easier to not be counting out change. Even lunch is easier without tax. I represented for Punkin's Patch by wearing my T shirt. I of course had tea with Sara's sheep before I left for the festival too. What I had to keep my eyes on the prize anyway I could! Oh right it is less competitive here, OK I was just getting into the right frame of mind, sheepful not at all competitive.

As I hit the road I saw something a bit different here too. Boise State was headed down to play Oregon State. Oops, I just went over to check and make sure I had the right schools, looks like Boise won. College football is big here, something else I am adjusting to.

So I know you all love pictures of yarn as much as I love taking them. 
Shh...just act like it's true OK?

Five skeins of sock yarn, eight ounces of fiber to spin and a cute little sheep to love.

 Huckleberry Knits had many a tempting item, so I came home with one of each. 

 Fierce Fibers had a couple of great colorways. 

OK fine the name of this dyer (Boss Kitty) caught my eye but I stayed and paid for the yarn!

We were reminded on Ravelry to make sure we visited the barns to see the animals too, some of the farms had booths set up there so I had to bring home a new friend. Darn it I should have texted the Hubby to tell him I was bringing home a sheep to keep Burt company. Oh he would have realized it was an empty threat anyways.

The other nice thing about visiting the barns was being able to buy right from the farmer (Springsong Farm). Isn't that some lovely fiber? I need to email her and ask what the mix was again. I wasn't even going to buy more but the farmer was so enthusiastic and the fiber is so nice, and not a breed I've worked I really need to keep making excuses? 

I'm afraid I may have intimidated Burt with his new job requirements. 

He did not know a knitter's cat is the official yarn inspector.

He took to his job as all new cats do...lying down.
It is hard to inspect yarn while the sun shines!

I just wanted to get another yarny picture in here. I do love yarn.


  1. What a fantastic haul! Well done with the purchases, and well done Burt with the inspection. The Fierce Fibers skein with the red in it is so cool. I can't wait to see how it knits up!

    1. That one is called Wicked. It is based on the poster for the show called Wicked. The vendor was pretty chatty which is one of the nice things about a smaller festival.