Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Introducing Burt

Oh I am so happy to be able to post kitty pictures again. 

This was the morning after his first night in his new home. He kept me awake from 1am to 3am. So many things to see, smell and do all night. He was so happy to go back to sleep after breakfast. Only one person poking and petting him. It is tough being the new guy.

Here he is winning over his new Daddy.

Oh yes he would like to convey how great DaBird is.
It flys like a real bird!!

Sunshine warms my fur quite nice! I think I will stay here for a while. 
I like my new name too. Burt, Burtie it is all good.
They named me after the guy they used to live next to. I hear he was really nice guy that likes birds too. Although I don't think he wanted to catch them.

I hope to live up to my namesake...right after this nap...and dinner...and breakfast.


  1. Burt looks adorable! And like he's fitting right in now. Rich's comment when I showed him your post...?

    "Never name a cat in a way that suggests you need to get another one"... i.e. Bert and Ernie. :)

    So when is Ernie showing up? LOL

    1. You tell Rich his name was a serious contender this round, and it may be for the next round too.
      Hubby is pretty happy with one so that is where we may stay for a bit. Who know what the future holds though. Rich may yet get to be a namesake. Although Sarah is a beautiful name too. ;)