Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Humming along

So I've been swatching. Yep, the pattern I bought is so good that it gives you a sample swatch to knit first. I can tell you it has been interesting. Shhh I think I did part of it wrong so I am pausing to see if I should just carry on or fix it. I mean it is only a swatch that I will be ripping out anyways. Think of it as a guideline.

I have managed to finish a pair of socks and a pair of slippers. The slippers I made a bit big so I can throw them in my purse and take to people's houses and wear over my socks. I am going to have to fix them I made them a tinge too big. The socks are lovely though.

I also swapped out my broken hard drive on my old laptop. Now I just need to take it to get the operating system installed and I may be back up and running. Is anyone else missing pictures of my knitting here?

I went to a knit night at my LYS and was ignored by the resident cat. She just had to put me in my place for ten minutes. She came back and jumped up, and we had a lovely cuddle/petting session. At one point in time she was looking up at me while I was rubbing her chin, I have not seen a cat look that happy for a while. I know I have not felt that particular joy for a while. To say that it was nice is an understatement.

I am planning on going to different knit night tonight. Alas there is no resident cat at this shop. I wonder if they have a suggestion box. Is "Needs more cat hair" a valid complaint/suggestion?

I tell you it is hard getting used to a new grocery store. You don't know where anything is and they don't carry any of the brands that you're used to. It is amazing that I can cook dinner here ;)
On the plus side the check out girl asked if I wanted to use a $10 off coupon. Yes please. So dinner with a discount!


  1. How lucky that you have been approved by the LYS cat. I seem to be collecting up cat friends around here... so far there is Compost Cat (who comes around to check our compost), Kitty (the grey cat), Niles (the fat cat the comes downhill from his driveway to say hello and expects us to bring him back up), and the orange cat that likes to headbutt my hand. The universe finds a way to bring kitties no matter where you are. :)

    1. The universe can send me all the kitties it wants, eventually it will send me the permanent ones too. Why am I scared that I will find 20 cats on my door step this morning?