Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Getting to the new normal

Well we are getting there slowly. We rearranged the living room into more of a living space. The downstairs bookshelves are full of books and I've vacuumed. I guess this place is really starting to be home.

I am still looking at kitties but took a bit of time off from it. It has proven a bit harder than I thought it would be. I think I needed time to adjust before really being open to two new totally different furballs. I needed to get to a place where I am not replacing Gus and Jack but opening us to new family members.

Plus we've had a few 100+ days here and I needed a bit of space to myself. Did I already whine to you about the lack of AC in our apartment? Well it is better now since I am adjusting but still, it is hot. Well not right now but you get my drift.

We've been out exploring and having some fun. We've been to the coast. It has been long enough now since the cross country drive that the 45 minute drive to the coast did not even phase my car and me.

I found a lovely new yarn store and finally bought yarn for something I've been wanting to knit since I saw it, Catkin. Hmm maybe I am missing the furry bodies more than I knew, CATkin? Anyways I went a different direction than I thought I would. I like a bold color with a muted neutral with this, but I ended up selecting a very pretty but not as bold blue and a lovely grey. It was from a somewhat local to me dyer. Hey I love trying all the talented peoples yarns. What better way to get to know the area than yarn? I'm sure I will be casting on soon.

I've got three different socks on the needles now. I also used one of my Too-Hot-to-be-Home days to spend some time at the library updating my knitting journal. It is up to the start of the year, ahem the start of 2015, ahem. Yeah I was very far behind!! (Still Am!!)

We found another location of Powell's books near us. I love Powell's books, the new books can be sitting next to the used ones. I always like to flip through and get a old copy. I got a book that I had been looking for but none of my libraries had, and a new card game for us to play. Our friends in NY had introduced us to the card game FLUXX. So I talked the Hubby into getting the Monty Python version and enjoyed it.

Plus it got us talking over lunch and I told him there is a board game museum here. He promptly looked it up and we were off to play. Guys, it even smells a bit like a basement. I talked him into a tea hostess game, yep he missed me, and I played a submarine game with him, yep I missed him.

I found my ipod and am able to listen to audio books again in the car. Yippie! So I started back by listening to My Grandmother Asked Me to tell You She is Sorry by Fredrik Backman. He is also the author of A Man Called Ove, which I still adore and may listen too again soon. I don't love this story as much as Ove but I am enjoying it.

Well I think that is about as much of an update as I can give. I do believe I should get ready to go look at some kitties. Wish me luck!

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