Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Moving is Hard

I know I should have put up a warning first. I did not want to shock you, but it is true moving is really hard work!

The hardest part was putting Gus down and being immediately swamped with other things to do. It kept us busy but I still don't know if I have really processed losing him. And because we started showing the house the following Monday we had to put all the reminders away. You know I rebelled against it, in secret of course. Gus' bed and some toys are out in my car. The first day it was in the passenger seat, but then I moved it to the trunk once I realized it may look like someone left a cat in a hot vehicle. Since I did not want to put up a note in the car, his bed is now safely tucked in the trunk. I can tell you it did bring me small comfort. I would love to still have my Big Tough Kitty here but we made the right decision it was time.

Otherwise it is really hard for little old introverted me to have strangers tromping through my house. Which also leads to the confession that a house this sterile looking could never be mistaken as my house under normal living conditions. We had to hide anything that really make it look like ours. We have the closets so packed right now, even my Tetris abilities are failing me. I mean really having a fan sitting out makes a room look that much smaller?

We had to be out of the house for all the showings, which means I packed up a project and took myself off to my home away from home, the library. It is the place that I ripped out my shawl on two different days. I swear this shawl is psychically linked to Gus. He always knew when I needed comforting and in a weird way this shawl is providing some comfort to me. It is an alpaca yarn that I bought many years ago. The first year I bought grey yarn and the second I bought green yarn. The grey yarn I knit into the shawl of comfort and healing.

Gus enjoying Mom's shawl in 2014

The green yarn will be a similar design, very simple garter stitch then a nice lace border. Well my friends, I cannot even be trusted to put in yarn overs every other row right now. I've ripped back the shawl five or six times now and that is in the simple part too. Luckily the yarn is holding up to the constant reknitting. Honestly, I think that I really need to be working with this yarn right now it does seem to bring some comfort to me. It is funny how yarn can do that sometimes. 

On the plus side my history of being a list maker is working out pretty good now. It is gratifying to be able to cross things off. Time is ticking down and all I can say is Thank God and Yikes all at the same time. I keep trying to imagine what life in the new place will be like but keep getting interrupted by thoughts of what leaving this place will be like. I am excited and sad. It is going to be very hard to leave this place that has been our home for over a decade.


  1. I always think it's strange to hide all traces of yourself when you are selling your house. I understand why it's important and all, but there's gotta be some understanding that actual people still live there. I'm glad that process has finished for you.

  2. I completely understand about Gus' bed. And I guess I better die in this house because I'd never be able to pack away all my stuff and hide in a library while strangers walked through. Glad you made it safe and sound. You are tough!