Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Snow and Presidents

I must have been in South Dakota! I was lucky enough to go home for my Nephew's graduation in May. Lucky enough to catch a nice May! (I did not bring a jacket or even anything long sleeved!) 

As with many storms that late in the season the snow was gone by the time I left. I've got to say I found it very relaxing though. It made it seem so much more homey in a way. I even baked bread, which was gone before the snow was.

My family lives near the Black Hills. The Black Hills also contain Mt Rushmore. The self proclaimed gateway to the Hills and Mt Rushmore is Rapid City. Rapid City, or just Rapid if you're from the area, loves to draw in tourists. Rapid came up with a plan, after we moved away, of putting up statues of all the presidents in the downtown area. You've seen a couple here before.

Last year my sister said she wanted to do the scavenger hunt of all the statues. Well we thought it was a scavenger hunt of sorts. The tourism board puts out a walking tour brochure, and on the very last page is a close up picture of a portion of a statue.

As you know last year we were very busy with Dad''s urgent care and transition. We simply did not have time.

This year I emailed her and asked if we could see the presidents. I received an enthusiastic heck yeah back. Then the snow started to fall at the graduation ceremony. They were calling for one heck of a storm. The presidents would have to wait another year.

But then a day after the snow hit it warmed up, not swimsuit weather by any means but good enough for a trip down town.

Now looking at my map I realize we missed a couple. Oh well let's start with John Adams. He was our second president, and had a son that was also a president. You can not tell we went in the afternoon with our shadows on the statue.

This dapper chap would be that son John Quincy Adams. He was known to be quite a snappy dresser. The detail on the statues was half of the fun.

My sister read off the headline on the Kinderhook paper in his hand when I exclaimed, I've been to his house! You know when you hear words that are out of place for your surroundings? I hear Kinderhook every once in a while, but not in South Dakota. I also point out NY plates while driving in SD and vice versa. I am quirky that way.

This gent is Martin Van Buren. His home is located outside of Kinderhook, NY. He was known as Old Kinderhook and is credited with originating O.K.

Do you think we share the same double chin? OK then!

How it that for our first three presidents on the tour? I'll scatter them in here and there. It was great fun and enjoyed it. Plus I made it so my excellent brother in law does not have to walk it now. You're welcome BIL.

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