Friday, June 26, 2015

Growing, Shrinking, Growing.

How does my garden grow? Well that is a topic for another post but I can tell you how it started. This year we decided to try a couple of new things. First added some topsoil to our existing plot and made it more square than round. We planted five or six tomatoes of various kind to keep it interesting.  A few marigolds to help with bug control. You now I may need to stop saying I dislike orange and yellow. I really like marigolds and orange socks now.

We've got a couple of pepper plants, rosemary (vermin prevention) and basil, because who can resist the smell of basil?

Second tryout this year is container tomatoes. We bought the near one already growing and planted the far two. You should see them now, they're all stretching their heads over the lattice work, craning to see who has the better view.

And speaking of growing and shrinking. I started knitting the Honey Cowl in some Madelinetosh DK yarn. While I liked how it was coming out I though maybe the bigger loop would look better. So I ripped it back.

I knit a few inches on the longer one and did not like the way the yarn was pooling, so I ripped back. And knit the same thing twice now. Good think I still think it is beautiful.

Amazing how the lighting affects the color isn't it? I bet this will feel nice this winter. Now I just need to know if it is to my sister's liking. Although Kisknit said she would take if off my hands if it was not to my sister's liking. That woman is a saint I tell you. The sacrifices we make for our knitting friends. (Hee Hee)

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