Saturday, September 27, 2014

Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival 2014

It is that time of year again when my yarn basket gets replenished. D however is noticing that it is still overflowing from last year's replenishment, but who lets that stop them from buying yarn? Not Yarnkettle, I tell you!

Although first up this year is not yarn but a cat mat instead. Gus' acceptable temperature range has narrowed considerably. I thought his old arthritic bones and joints could use a nice place to snuggle into, so I bought one.

I found out at the fair this summer one of my favorite sock yarns is going by the wayside. Ensign Brook Farm's Cheviot sock yarn may soon be no more. She sold her Cheviots but dyed up some of the last yarn. I had another skein in my hand but then I thought what about a sweater from her other yarn? Maybe I will have a new favorite sweater yarn.

Don't you know I bought all of them without tags. I even put the one with a tag on it back in the basket so she would have the marked one. I think this is a Romney/Merino cross yarn, 2 ply sport weight? Guess I will just have to email for confirmation before I knit my sweater.

This is one of those times when my better senses took over. We were debating how many skeins I would need. She had a sweater that took five so my good judgement made me buy six. I would rather have a sweater and mittens than almost a sweater.

This is Fiber Stash's Tweedy Toes in "Pick Your Own". Last year I regretted not trying this tweedy freckled yarn. This year I did not make the same mistake. It is a nice bright yarn.

Angoraonline had some nice yarn too. This one finally picked me out of the group to come home with.

New stitch markers! I found last year that stitch markers made this way, work really well for me while sweater knitting. I did finish two sweaters this year it must be the markers right?

Mt. Rutsen had the stitch marker and some nice yarn named "Patina". I do so love me some green yarn. Even though last year's yarn is still in the aforementioned over flowing basket.

I've seen String Theory and their Bluestocking yarn mentioned in quite a few places. So I just had to get my own skein in "Dark and Stormy".

Don't worry you'll be seeing all these yarns here again, once I figure out what projects they want to be. And I finish up all the projects already on the needles and the ones that are waiting in the wings too.

I am one happy knitter!


  1. Firstly: I love that mat. Gus is a lucky kitty. I would love an Adriene-sized mat like that for myself.

    Secondly: I honestly considered buying a skein of yarn today that was SO MUCH like that Fiber Stash skein. How's that for yarn kinship!

    Nice haul!

    1. You know the funny thing is neither cat is really interested in the mat?!

      I think it still smells of the tanning process, once it smells like us I'm hoping they will love it more. I walked across it with bare feet a couple of times to make it more homey. We'll see.

  2. I had heard from others that it was disappointing this year. Looking at your stash, this doesn't seem to be the case. Whar are your thoughts?

    1. It was definitely different this year. More spaces where there had been booths, and half stocked booths too. You know me I can always find a new yarn to love, or several of them.