Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A sock and some camping mitts

D's poor sock has lost some of its novelty. It is my purse knitting but it has been usurped quite a few times now. My needles and yarn are not currently getting along so it is easy to let it drift to the bottom of the bag. How sad is that?

Still it is such a lovely blue that it will not stay neglected for long (I hope).

In the mean time my fascination was caught by Camp Out Mitts by tante ehm. I made them a bit deeper to cover more of my finger than the pattern is written. And I don't have delicate dainty hands either so I made them wider too, just like I have to adjust all my socks.

I knit them with Noro Kureyon which I had originally bought to knit a tea cozy. I was worried that the yarn would be too scratchy and rustic for my liking but it turns out I have trained my hands to appreciate a good rustic wool.

I even had fun picking out the bits of hay and straw this yarn is notorious for. No really it makes me feel a bit closer to the farm. But then again I am a weird old farmer's daughter. I don't mind the smell of animals being near.

Speaking of the old farmer, aka my Dad, I was thinking of printing off some of my blog posts and mailing them to him. Anybody know if that is possible? Guess I should just go ahead and just try it first.

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  1. You have been such a busy bee! All your projects flying off the needles puts my epic projects to shame. What a lovely bunch of projects you have on the go!