Monday, June 16, 2014

Turning shoulda into did

We've been trying to add together time into my exercise routine. Sundays seem to work best for us. We have gone for a couple of spins on our bikes and did a walk or two. Yesterday we took a hike. 

What differentiates a walk from a hike? I would say walking is on a path or road. A hike is rougher terrain, with less than ideal conditions. You know a trail that almost sucks your shoes from your feet. 

Yeah, we took a hike yesterday. Turns out I have a bit of a potty mouth when my shoes are leaving my feet, just one time though. I must say it was fun even though I grumbled a bit. Of course it was much easier to say I enjoyed it once we were back in the car and I was no longer worried about falling into the sopping wet, muddy trail. I wonder why we left our shoes outside last night?

Earlier that morning we did something else I'd been meaning to do again. We planted our garden. Really I should just call it a tomato patch but this year I added peppers and marigolds. If all goes well we will be purple pepper eatin' people.

We put in four tomato plants: Carolina Gold, Supersonic, Grape and Chocolate Cherry. Marigolds are supposed to deter insects. Guess we'll test that theory again too. I don't remember noticing a difference last time we tried. I do know beer in a shallow dish does take care of slugs. The ground is covered with fresh grass clippings to keep the weeds from growing. That has worked for us in the past. There may not be much contrast in picture but give it a couple of days the grass turns brown and all you see is the green plants.

Now if I can just figure out a way to keep D from eating all the tomatoes before I get home. He does love tomatoes ever so much.


  1. The only way to keep a tomato-lover away from your tomato plants is by electric fence, I think. Even then, I'm pretty sure he'd chance it anyway!

    I like hiking, but I will admit that I am only a fair-weather hiker. When the trail is muddy, I'm the first to suggest we find a cuppa and a muffin elsewhere!

  2. D says he will just not pay the electric bill if I install fencing. He is a smart guy that one.
    The wet hiking was suprisingly fun once I knew I did not fall in a puddle, and my socks were not drenched.