Thursday, June 12, 2014

Stash fluffing

The other day was such a beautiful day. It called to me to bring out the stash for some airing. Don't worry I aired myself and the cats too. Gus did not really want to go back inside but he knows a packed up yarn basket means Mom is on the move.

While I was out there I took a couple of pictures. You know after I let it lay around sunning itself. I figure it is good to give it some air to deter some moths. For all I know I just brought the moths inside. 

It sure is pretty though. D came out to check on me and asked if this was all of the stash... I said no but it is "most" of the stash.

 I think somewhere around half of it is from my various Rhinebeck trips. The oldest one in there is from 2009, at least it is not a decade old...yet. 

I am finding it easier to give up some of the yarns I bought for myself to D's benefit. It used to be that I would only knit socks for him from yarn I bought specifically for him. In my mind though more than half of that is still socks for me. Good thing it is only in my mind, I am allowed to be yarn selfish there aren't I?

Yes my beloved Zauberballs ride on top, what makes them great vacation yarn also makes them difficult to tuck neatly in the stash. Spheres tend to roll. That is your yarn physics lesson for the day.

Tomorrow's lesson will be titled "String theory: how to make it into one giant cosmic knot."


  1. Looking at these pictures makes me want to go and fling myself onto the blanket next to all that lovely yarn and sun myself right along side them!

    1. You would have needed to nudge Gus a bit. But I'm sure he wouold have loved to sit next to you and enjoy the sun.