Sunday, July 30, 2017

Something to look forward to

Momma!! She is here, the Burtebago is here!!
Yep all vehicles are girls in our family. Momma says it is something to do with growing up on a farm?! I don't get it either, but she's the Momma so that is how we roll.

Oh Momma, it has a rear access port. 

And a front access port too!

Daddy says she is the Catillac, I like that name too. 

Can I get vanity plates that say RDWRER? What is a Road Warrior anyways? Is it something I can aspire to?

Now if the world is not too loud, too hot (this will not be our week for that) or too crazy, we should be able to enjoy walks together. Hey Daddy, we would love it if you came too!

I did pretty darn good on my two test walks didn't I?

Yes Burtie my boy you are on your way to being a RDWRER. Enjoy that post walk nap you're having.