Friday, July 29, 2016

Time to knit?

Ok so I threw in the towel this morning and just sit myself down to knit for a bit. The new place does not have AC. It does have multiple levels that all need to be unpacked and arranged. My legs submitted an official complaint to my body. No more unpacking or carrying things up and down stairs.

So my legs and I sat down and knit on a lovely sock while it was still cool this morning. Do you think I can sneak in a trip to the yarn store? Would anyone notice more chaos? It is not like I need more yarn, but some time among my people would be nice. I could throw on my nice big hat and walk down, surely my legs would forgive me if there was yarn involved? Although in this heat my fingers might be the next part to revolt.

My family was surprised to learn that I knit at the movies. Hmm maybe I should go do that. Apparently I would like to get out of the house to someplace that may have AC. Getting back to the story I do knit in movie theaters. As long as it is a nice plain sock, and we all know how many of those I have knit, I can let my fingers do the work while my mind wonders along with the story. Easy peasy unless you drop a stitch, I have been known to keep on knitting and hope I can ladder it back up later. Luckily it has worked for me so far. I mean worst case scenario is that I have to rip back and re-knit, Oh the Horror! It is not like I have ever had to do that with the lights on.

I found the grocery store yesterday and I know I am set in my ways but trying to figure out what my new brands will be is hard too. I kept looking for what I normally buy and it is just not there?! I did however have one of the best nectarines I've had in a long while. I guess the Northwest knows a bit about growing fruit. I'm looking forward to the farmer's market this weekend.

Well I think that about does it for today's report. I gotta go Google somethings.


  1. Oh, I hope the weather cools down for you. We ended up getting a portable AC unit last summer because I just could not handle the heat. Of course, this summer has not been nearly as hot, now that we own it!

    1. You want to rent it out? I think I may know someone. ;)
      I kidd!