Friday, July 3, 2015

Proof of Yarn Love

Ah what a funny but confused Hubby I have. I opened my blog to find I had already "written" a post. If I ever find "all fiber bearing animals to be utterly repulsive"...WOW I don't even know what I would do. Shave a couple of cats?

Anyways it seems I must prove to you that I indeed still love almost all things wooly and furry.

Into the Whirled Glouchester Sock Children of Time colorway

See that is how much of a sock I can get done while at the last local showing of the new Avengers movie. I had ripped back this yarn a few times months ago because it was pooling a not appealing way. It has been sitting in time out for months now. It is still kinky from all my previous attempts. After knitting on it for hours in the dark, not knowing what it would look like, I gotta say two stitches really do matter. I am loving this.

Jack would like you to know he is not in fact a shaved cat. See all that shiny fur?
Nobody needs to call the ASPCA on my Momma, OK?

Sock That Rock Lightweight - Flambeau
These socks were started and knit on in a church council meeting. I think I may be getting them used to the idea of my knitting at these events. Two hours of committee talking without knitting? Perish the thought!

Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock - Starry Night

See I've still got my eyebrows and whiskers and everything. Mom was just making a joke, OK?

Sarah, does that colorway remind you of anything? You know that one gorgeous painting that you cross stitched? Hopefully mine won't take a few years, but then again I' not framing mine either. Unless we redefine wearing them on my feet as framing. 

My cowl is finished too. But those pictures deserve their own post. Let's just say Jack may get a sweater.

So the world can keep on spinning, I still love fiber, yarn, my kitties an my hubby.


  1. If I gave up knitting, I'd have a lot of stash to get rid of. That'd be too much work, so I might as well keep on knitting!

    Those Starry Night socks are so cool! Just like the painting!

    1. I'm pretty sure I could stash down rather quickly, I know people who like yarn. I just know I would be one sad cranky person with out it. I too might as well keep knitting.

  2. You definitely need to name those "starry night" socks....and it better not take you 5 years to make them! I think that we would have to take your knitting needles away if it took you that long. :c)

    Glad to see that Jack has his fur what about Gus? Did you shave him instead? I recall you saying how much you like his soft it is....

    1. Starry night socks just entered their third month of knitting, but I don't think they will make it to four. They should be on my feet by then.

      Gus is still wearing his fur too. It is still silky smooth and soft. He would thank you for looking out for him, but that would require him being awake. He may get back to you on that. :)

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