Wednesday, July 9, 2014

In a month

In a month my garden went from little plants shown freshly planted to...

Plants that need a little support and in bloom.

Look I have a pregnant purple pepper plant!

You just tried to say that phrase five times fast in your head didn't you?

 I have some wee tomatoes that are still safe from the tomato chomping husband.

My marigolds make me like yellow and orange, especially together.

All in all it feels great to be growing things again. We missed the recommended planting weekend by a couple of weeks this year but I got it planted. And that is all that matters this time. I even went to the farmers market by myself I was so determined this year. You can take the farmer's daughter off of the farm and you can tamp down the growing urge, but only for a couple of years then the farmer starts reasserting itself. Now I need to look into getting that electric fence so I can keep the hubby out of my tomatoes. Oh that is right he said he would stop paying the electric bill if I did that. Just save me a couple will you Hon?


  1. I was just thinking about how my friend's dog used to go out and eat the tomatoes off the tomato plants. Good thing Rascal is not a tomato fan. He does like yellow beans and apples though, strange little bear.

    Your garden looks lovely and green and delicious!

    1. That is OK Jack used to love lettuce. Now he just eats his own salad in the yard.